Making a company card policy

Volopa prepaid card

Company card policy guidelines Most companies find that a company credit, debit or prepaid card saves them time and energy, saving them the hassle of petty cash or reimbursements, and offering improved payment protection. However, some managers are concerned about how employees will use the card. Writing and implementing a company card policy is a […]

Find out what’s new in store

Volopa business prepaid expense card and the iPhone app

Volopa news We’ve given our mobile app a facelift, download today to see what’s in store New design, better interface We are excited to announce the release of our newly designed business app. The new app has been relaunched with a cleaner look and an even better interface giving cardholders oversight on their spending. Complete […]

Spend Control

Spend Control: What is it and why is it important in business? As companies continue to navigate this uncertain economic climate, one of the most important practices for any business is keeping tight control of their expenditure.  Spend control is critical, not only for managing company funds, but also for running an efficient and competitive […]

Molly Ollys Client Story

Rachel Ollerenshaw from Molly Ollys

Volopa client story “Volopa offers a multitude of features that make our lives easier.” – Rachel Ollerenshaw, Molly Ollys About Molly Ollys Molly Ollys aim is to provide support to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses and their families in the UK. In unimaginably difficult situations, they hope to make the dark days a little brighter […]

Managing reimbursable expenses

Volopa: managing reimbursable expenses image 2

Expenses Managing reimbursable expenses for UK businesses Reimbursement of employee expenses is an area that can cause confusion and even disagreements between companies and their employees.  In this guide, we will clear up these issues so that HR managers, business leaders and accounting staff will all be on the same page when it comes to […]

How to deal with expense fraud

How to deal with expense fraud: image example

Expenses done right Employee expense fraud Detect the warning signs and prevent it Dealing with employee expense fraud The current economic situation in the UK has put a lot of financial strain on families across the country. Bills are rising, interest rates are soaring, and a lot of people are having to be very careful […]

Marketing expenses budget for startups

Volopa Marketing Expense Template

Startup marketing plan Your Startup’s marketing expenses (with budget template) Table of Contents What are marketing expenses?   First, we should be aware of what functions come under marketing. Marketing means methods of promoting your business, making people aware of who you are and what you sell.  Typically, we are talking about things like: Broadcast advertising: […]

Serene Care Client Story

Volopa clients Jay and Palvi, Founders of Serene Care

Volopa client story “The ability to have customised solutions for my care business is what makes Volopa so handy for me” – Palvi and Jay, Serene Care About Serene Care Serene Care was born out of a strong, genuine desire and need to enhance and enrich the lives of people in need of care and […]