One platform. Total visibility and control

Streamline your global business payments, manage ​expenses and employee spend in one place.

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The platform

Seamless company spend management

Minimise paperwork and receipt chasing with spend management tools.

  • View your team’s business expenses in real-time
  • Set limits and regulate transaction types
  • Freeze and unfreeze cards and modify user permissions instantly 

No setup or account maintenance fees

International payments

Simplicity and security

Prevent delays from common payment errors with our intuitive platform. 

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Greater Simplicity

Visibility into what is being spent in real-time, gives you greater oversight on business decisions.

Greater Control

Regulate transaction types and purchase limits for each cardholder for greater control on your company spend.

Greater Efficiency

Power up your processes with one system that helps you consolidate payments and expenses for optimum efficiency.

Animation image of standing character holding the Volopa business prepaid expense card and the homepage from the webpage

The platform

Free up your team from expense admin

Reduce time-consuming administration associated ​with expense reporting.

  • Enable your employees to attach photos of receipts and add notes to transactions 
  • Transfer unused funds back to the company wallet
  • View expenses and currencies available in real time

Focus on the work that counts

Do business the Volopa way

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