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Built for happy teams

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Our story

Built for business, made for people

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Busy businesses are made up of even busier people, that’s why we’ve built our platform to help you get more out of your day-to-day. 

We believe that innovation and transparency are at the heart of modern-day business, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you unlock your business potential with our smarter, simpler, and more transparent payment solution. 

We help our clients navigate the complexity of the world of FX, payments, expense management, and business reporting.


We bring together three solutions into one offering: global payments from the UK to 180 countries worldwide, multicurrency smart prepaid company cards, and simplified employee expense management. One platform, total visibility, and control. 

Whether you are sending money overseas, spending in other countries, paying employees, or managing your payments and expenses, our system is designed to save you time and money across the entire spending process and helps you consolidate your payments and expenses for optimum efficiency.

Our mission

To help businesses unlock their potential through simpler, faster, and more transparent payment solutions.

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Innovation and technology

Developed with the backbone of a highly secure and scalable proprietary infrastructure platform.

Founded in 2011, Volopa was one of the UK’s first innovators in the international payments, foreign exchange, and prepaid cards space. We are dedicated to growth and constantly evolving our technology to provide better solutions for you.

We set high standards in everything we undertake both internally and externally and strive to achieve outstanding performance in our client’s experience. 

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Get control and full visibility

Greater transparency

Visibility into what is being spent in real time, gives you greater oversight on business decisions.

Greater Control

Regulate transaction types and purchase limits for each cardholder for greater control on your company spend.

Greater Efficiency

Power up your processes with one system that helps you consolidate payments and expenses for optimum efficiency.

Exclusive cashback for our Cardholders

We’ve partnered with Tail, the cashback app, to give Volopa Business or Personal cardholders cashback every time they spend on their Volopa prepaid card at any business that has an active offer with Tail. Whether you’re taking your team, colleague or client out for lunch or simply want to treat yourself, you can now earn up to 50% in cashback!

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Our values

Building business without borders


We set high standards in everything we do both internally and externally and strive to achieve outstanding performance in our client experience.


We create an environment of trust, openness, and accountability across our company and enable our clients with the same visibility with the services we offer. Our clients can see clearly what they are receiving and what they are paying for.


We have a willing and credible team drawn from all sectors of the Financial Services industry. We select, retain and develop the most talented people.  We promote open and clear communication both internally and externally and we remain focused on the team result for ourselves and our clients.


We are committed to continued innovation and delivering the best experience to support our clients day-to-day. We continually look for new and creative ideas to develop our products and relationships.


We listen to our clients and build collaborative, trusting relationships, specifically designed to ensure all parties’ benefit.


We’re a Fintech with a face. Our business is client-focused, and we have the flexibility and fortitude to move quickly and easily with our clients.

Focus on the work that counts

Do business the Volopa way

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Welcome! Deep, a business unit of Ingram Micro Inc. provides the software that powers the cloud ecosystem, from small and local hosters to some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies.
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Business Development Representative

James Renshaw

I am an energetic believer in the power of hard work, who strives to be a positive and encouraging presence.

I have a background in payments and merchant services, and I believe that my experience in this industry has given me a unique perspective to evolve when necessary.

I love learning new things, so being constantly challenged is right up my alley. I would describe myself as “hard working, relentless, polite and amiable”. When I’m not working, I like to play golf on the weekends!

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Full Stack Developer

Konstantinos Charalampidis

I’m a full stack developer with years of experience in the industry. I’ve built API’s, optimized user experience, and tackled many challenges. My passion for music technology led me to building web applications. Volopa is an amazing place that let’s me explore both my technical and creative sides.

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Daniel Byrk

I have worked in a wide variety of environments, from security cleared roles to fast moving trading floors. This gives me a breadth of experience which I can bring to bear when delivering cost effective solutions that meet your needs.

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Back End Developer

Jonathan Hobley

I am the go to person for all back-end issues at Volopa. I work on ensuring that the platform is highly adaptable and reliable as well as solving any database, application, or system issues that may arise.

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Front End Developer

Craig Da Silva

As my experience in UI development grows, so does my enthusiasm for the future. I am excited to be working at Volopa with its diverse and supportive environment where I can gain more knowledge and utilise my expertise toward development and implementation of new software, contributing to the growth of the company.

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Database Developer

Michael Robinson

A veteran of both the financial and technical worlds, with experience in design and implementation of web based financial systems. My personal interests include looking after a small local charity, programming retro arcade games, tennis and playing classical board games such as backgammon, chess and go.

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DevOps Engineer

Scott Owens

I’m an IT professional with 15 years’ of experience. I stand out by being personable, resilient, adaptable and driven. I thrive on learning new things and am excited about applying my experience in the devops space to deliver big changes that really matter.

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Full Stack Developer

Panos Lykos

A web developer with varied experience, I specialize in creating elegant and functional user interfaces. The foundation of my work is a rich understanding of business goals, industry best practices and technology trends that combine to deliver world class solutions.

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Full Stack Developer

Alejandro Van Houette

I started as a backend developer, but over the years my knowledge has expanded to include full stack development. I’ve worked in many different industries and love trying to learn new things.

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UI/UX Designer

Nathan Mcdonald

I’m the UX/UI Designer at Volopa. I design and manage the Volopa web platform. I’ve designed for games, music entertainment, and Inteligent automation companies ranging from web platforms to mobile and tablet apps. I love working here because of the creative freedom given, working alongside talented people, and the flexibility to work on different projects seamlessly.

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Product Manager

Harry Malmstrom

I’m a product manager here at Volopa. I work closely with our Head of Product to bring innovative new features to our clients, ensuring that Volopa remains at the cutting edge of payments and expense management technologies.

I love how dynamic we are as a company, there’s always something new to get stuck into, and being able to call on the massive pool of expertise we have in our ranks certainly doesn’t hurt!

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VP of Sales

Matthew Hayward - Ryan

I am the VP of Sales for Volopa. With over 20-years of sales and sales management experience as well as a background in marketing, I bring a commercially focused strategy to Volopa. 

Having spent the last 8-years in Financial Technology and Payments, I’m extremely excited about the ground-breaking solutions Volopa is delivering to the market such as our multi-currency shared company wallet and our accounting integrations – most of which has been client-driven.  Being able to lead a very talented sales team in selling our platform is a dream role, and we’re determined to continue to be the ‘movers and shakers’ in the UK FinTech space.

Outside the payments’ world, I’m the happiest when travelling to an exotic location, armed with my Volopa Personal card (I’m obsessed, yes!)

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Business Development Representative

Joshua Sleigh

I’m a marketing expert with over a decade of experience in video content, and I joined Volopa to be able to get creative with my outreach. In the past, I’ve helped build and execute go-to-market strategies for many different sectors, but I feel like Volopa affords me more creativity than ever before.

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Business Development Representative

Sammy Saaysa

I’ve been working in business development for a long time. It’s a field that I know well and where I excel. In my previous career, real estate, I had the opportunity to hone my skills in building strong client relationships. Now, as an experienced member of Volopa’s diverse and talented team, I’m working with a great product to propel FinTech into the fast-moving industry it is today.

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Business Development Representative

Vishal Bhadresa

I’ve been passionate about business development for 22 years. I started my own business when I was 15, and since then I’ve been traveling around the world, dining out with friends, and spending time with the family. I’m very family oriented—I love spending time with my nieces and nephews!

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Business Development Representative

Michael Carr

I work in Business Development with Volopa. I help everyone save money on their International Payments and save them loads of time and headaches with employee expenses. I have a background as a Financial Advisor and in Business Operations. I love to travel, stay active with BJJ and Kickboxing, and eat unhealthy amounts of Pasta!

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Client Manager

Tom Brookes

I work on the operations team, so my job is to make sure our systems are working as they should, liaising with clients about any difficulties they are facing, and feeding back to the development team any improvements suggested by our team and most importantly the clients themselves.

The thing I like most about working here is that everyone’s ideas are heard—even if it’s just a suggestion from one of our clients or team members.

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Head of Sales

Alex Lampert

As Head of Sales my role is to ensure our commercial team leads the way in providing the very best experience of Volopa to our prospects and clients. In my working life I spent many years on trading floors building a highly successful wealth management team workings with UHNW and HNW individuals.

Passions of mine away from work include sailing on the Norfolk Broads and watching the rugby.

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Operations Director

Murray Bagshaw

I’m responsible for making sure that everything runs properly and smoothly on the Volopa product range, in addition to providing excellent customer service. The variety of tasks I do and the people with whom I work are two aspects of my job that I like most.

My passion outside of work is sport and particularly Formula One racing.

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Business Development Representative

Matthew Perfect

An enthusiastic and determined individual with over 24 years of experience within the travel and aviation industry.  Dynamic in client management to develop and drive business beyond expectations. Active not only in work, I practice and teach Goju Ryu karate, as well boxing and regular visits to the gym.

Volopa is a new challenge, which I relish. Volopa has such a great team, and the sky is the limit! I’m proud to be part of the journey

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Team Lead - Development

Alex Ceaki

I am a big believer in alignment between people and technology. I lead our close-knit development team to deliver cutting edge features that best suit our clients. After a busy week coordinating deployments, you can find me unwinding on a hike in some hilly fields.