Business payments

Automate payment receipts

Fly high with Volopa’s intuitive business platform.  Automate your payment emails to your recipients and reduce your manual workload.

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Smart businesses need smart business tools

Spend less time on time-consuming admin tasks, and more time focusing on what matters most. Our intuitive platform covers all the bases for a faster, smarter, more cost-effective experience—from adding and managing your recipients to easy oversight of your payment details and history in real-time.


How it works

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Enter Recipient Email(s)

Include your recipient's email address when inputting your payment details.

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Hit send

Confirm your payment and hit send. Send payments either as a priority, regular or repeat.

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Alert your recipient

We will notify your recipient of your payment after it has been sent, saving you time and energy.

*Recipient details are saved for quick repeat payments.

Business Payments

Check follow-up payment receipts off your to-do list.

Focus on the work that counts

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