Expense Management

Manage expenses on the go

Capture receipts with the app and add them to transactions for easy tracking.


Say good-bye to paper receipts!

Avoid hunting down paper receipts. The Volopa Business App lets you snap pictures of your receipts and add notes so that you can keep track of expenses as you go about your day.

  • Take a picture of your receipt and remember every purchase. 
  • Attach notes directly to transactions allowing you to understand where your money is being spent
  • Cardholders can attach multiple receipts either as a picture or as a PDF

Keep track of your expenses in a snap



Allow your employees to efficiently capture receipts on the business app.

Upload receipts to Volopa transactions.


Simply click on the transaction and upload the receipt to keep a track of all your purchases.

Attach receipts to Volopa transactions.


Attach the receipt to the transaction and make relevant notes for your reference.

Receipt Capture


How can I upload receipts to my transactions?

Receipts can be attached both using the web app and the mobile app. Simply select the transaction you wish to attach a receipt to, then select the option to attach receipt. You can take a picture or upload a file from your device.

How many receipts can I upload at a time?

  • Cardholders can attach multiple receipts either as a picture or as a PDF


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