Expense management

Business expenses simplified

Get total visibility and control with real-time insights into your company spending. No setup fees. No long contracts. All using your existing business bank account.

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Smart businesses need smart solutions

Why waste time with complicated expense management? Save time, increase transparency and create the right work-life balance for your team with Volopa’s smart cards and expense management system.

  • Eliminate reimbursements and out of pocket payments
  • Cut down on time-consuming administration associated with expense reporting
  • Easily capture receipts and add notes to transactions with the Volopa Business App

How it works

Smart employee cards

Allow employees to spend in multiple currencies locally and globally.


Receipt capture

Capture receipts at the point of purchase, access wholesale foreign exchange rates, and much more.

Volopa spending limit for each employee bar

Transaction limits

Set daily transaction limits by card and track employee expenditure in real-time.

Categorise transactions

Categorise company transactions by type, add notes, calculate VAT and download statements and reports the easy way.

Volopa Accounting integration with Xero and Quickbooks

Sync with accounting software

Keep track of your team's spending with Volopa’s Xero and QuickBooks integration.

Volopa mobile and web platform for expense management.

Get real insights

See it all happen in real-time. Gain insights into employee spending decisions and get your cashflow under control.

Built for happy teams

We've got you covered

We go, wherever you go. The Volopa Business app is the quickest way to stay in the know. It’s available for download on Android and iOS.

Expense Management

How to control employee spend?

Finance teams benefit from a range of expense management features, including instant notifications, categorised business transactions, VAT calculations, and more.

Expense management


How do I block my card?

You can temporarily freeze and unfreeze your card using the Volopa app or online account. Freezing your card will prevent any transactions from being made on the card while the card remains frozen. You can unfreeze the card at any time if you want to continue using it.

You can also report your card as lost or stolen, which will permanently block the card.

How can I integrate my Volopa account with my accounting software?

You can connect your Volopa account with your accounting software through the Accounting section of our online platform. The setup journey is a one-off & it consists of a few simple clicks where you are redirected to your accounting system to permit connecting your Volopa account. Once complete, you can sync all your Volopa card transactions to your account system at your convenience.

Please visit our Accounting Integration page for the latest list of accounting softwares we currently support.

How can I control & monitor my employees’ spending?

You can set transaction limits, daily spend limits & enable/disable different payment types. All card transactions are available on our online platform in real-time, and you can review all transactions using your expense report & monthly account statement.

How can I generate my monthly report?

Your reports can be downloaded on an ad-hoc basis through the online platform. We also make your historical reports available to download from the platform on a monthly basis.

Does Volopa store all my account statements & reports?

Correct, your statements are accessible online through the platform.

How can I check my account balance?

Live company wallet & individual card balances are available in your Wallet & Cards sections parts of our online platform.

Will I be notified of each transaction?

Transaction email notifications are sent to the cardholder whenever they make a transaction. You can also enable enhanced notifications that contain more information to be sent to your administrators for reference.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Our video library provides step-by-step instructions on how to use our platform. We’ve also got a handy FAQ page for any other questions that you may have.

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