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Equip your team with the tools to complete the job, wherever they are with our currency card

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Smart prepaid cards for global teams

Are your team’s travel commitments at an all-time high?

Moreover, bolsters their peace of mind during their journeys with added assurances. With Volopa’s currency cards, you can spend in 14 supported currencies, benefiting from real-time controls and access to wholesale exchange rates. No matter the size of your team, ensure secure spending with prepaid cards under your control.

Perfect for travelling teams!

Convert balances from one currency to another on the go, using our Volopa business app.

Our currencies

Spend like a local with multicurrency prepaid cards. Let your employees hold funds and spend in any of the 14 supported currencies.

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*The Volopa card works at places that accept Mastercard.

Track employee spend, wherever they go

Stay in control with real-time visibility on employee spending. Set daily or transaction limits, track, freeze/unfreeze cards, check available balances on each card, and much more.

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Multicurrency cards


What is the Volopa Mastercard Card?

The Volopa card is a multi-currency prepaid payment card. A prepaid card is not linked to a bank account, and you can only spend money that you have already topped-up onto the card providing you with an increased level of control over your expenses. Your Volopa card can hold and spend in up to 14 local currencies. All currency is converted on the card at the real market exchange rate without incurring hidden fees. When spending abroad at a merchant that accepts Mastercard or withdrawing cash from an ATM, the card reader will automatically detect that you have the local currency on the card and take payment in that currency for the value of the transaction.

You will not incur foreign transaction charges typically associated with using a debit or credit card abroad. It is like having 14 local cards in your wallet. You can also use your Volopa card in currencies outside of the 14 local currencies as long as you have the base currency on the card.

How can I convert currencies?

You can easily convert balances from one currency to another in real time, using our online platform. You’ll be provided with the exchange rate before confirming the currency conversion. All your conversions will be available in your transaction history & reports.

Are the currency exchange rates updated in real time?

Our exchange rates are updated every 30 seconds.

Do I have control over my employees’ multicurrency card?

Yes. As an administrator, you have real-time control & oversight over your employees’ cards. This includes freezing & unfreezing cards, cancelling cards, setting different spend limits and enabling/disabling certain payment types.


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