Automate your bookkeeping with Volopa and Xero

Simplify your business expenses with Volopa’s Xero integration.  

Volopa account automation with Xero

The fastest way to sync spend data

Keep track of your team's spending with Volopa's Xero integration

Give your expenses the snip they so desperately need.

Say goodbye to manual errors and messy spreadsheets. Categorise, review, and sync transactions with your Xero account.
Sync your account with Volopa

Sync transactions and expense data between Volopa and Xero.

Volopa - live feed

Sync expense information and bank feeds with Xero’s open banking capability.

Volopa - Approve or decline transactions

Create rules to automatically assign tags and categories to transactions.

Volopa - Account integration

Sync account codes, VAT codes, notes, attachments, and more.


Reconciliation? We're so much more than that.

Volopa account automation with Xero

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