Introduction to business automation

Introduction to business automation From clever excel formulas, to virtual assistants, to machine learning algorithms that make predictions about business outcomes, automation can make tedious tasks easier in every industry. The power of business automation: simple solutions for small businesses Businesses that embrace some form of automation have a major edge over those that don’t. […]

Why your payment was declined

ATM machine and receipt with text declined for insufficient funds on account. 3d illustration

Why your payment was declined(all potential reasons) So you’ve tried to make a card transaction but your payment was declined. Why has this happened? How can you fix it? Find out more! Why your payment was declined Whether you are shopping for yourself or on behalf of your employer, there’s nothing worse than seeing that […]

Unleash your global business potential

Unleash your global business potential with Volopa! Own a business in EEA area? Take full advantage of Volopa’s range of benefits and unlock a world of seamless payment possibilities. The true meaning of cross-border payments Calling all businesses operating outside the UK! We’ve got news that will make your international payments a breeze. Volopa has […]

Role of a financial controller

Financial controller image

Role of a financial controller What does a financial controller do, and how they add value? The role of a financial controller is a tricky one to define. These employees are responsible for the management and leadership of accounting departments, as well as contributing to the overall financial strategy and direction of the business.  Typically, […]

Spend Control

Spend Control: What is it and why is it important in business? As companies continue to navigate this uncertain economic climate, one of the most important practices for any business is keeping tight control of their expenditure.  Spend control is critical, not only for managing company funds, but also for running an efficient and competitive […]

How to deal with expense fraud

How to deal with expense fraud: image example

Expenses done right Employee expense fraud Detect the warning signs and prevent it Dealing with employee expense fraud The current economic situation in the UK has put a lot of financial strain on families across the country. Bills are rising, interest rates are soaring, and a lot of people are having to be very careful […]

Simplify your global business payments

Volopa feature- invoices paid

Volopa product update 5 steps to simpler international payments Are you still drowning in a sea of confusing wire transfers with your bank that take days to process? Simplify your global business payments with Volopa’s payments platform and save yourself from the gauntlet of hefty admin and foreign exchange charges. We believe in empowering small […]

Will payment cards become a thing of the past?

Volopa - woman's payment received

Business With new technologies emerging, will payment cards become a thing of the past? With ever-evolving payment technologies and greater demand for frictionless payment methods, is this the end for traditional card payments?  In the late 19thcentury, the western world largely was a “cash” society, that is, goods and services were traded with cash as […]

Take control of employee spending with smart multicurrency cards

Two employees happily promoting Volopa employee prepaid cards

Business Take control of employee spending with smart multicurrency cards Let’s face it, managing your business expenses and employee spending can be very frustrating.  Attempting to limit spend amounts or what your employees are spending company funds on; receiving complaints from employees who are “out of pocket” and haven’t been reimbursed yet because you haven’t […]

Managing your business money in 2022

Volopa - Covid 19 - financial advice

Guide Managing your business money in 2022 Whether your company is small or large, being smart about exchange rates and other fees could make all the difference to your bottom line. Download our free guide to managing your business payments in 2022. With the Russia-Ukraine crisis set to influence global trade flows, the price of […]