International payments and spend management for aviation

Empower your aviation business with Volopa's multi-currency solutions

Say hello to effortless expense management, plus fast and more cost-effective international bank-to-bank payments. 

Aviation leaders choose advanced solutions

Welcome to a new era of flexibility and control with Volopa’s expense management and international payments platform. Experience our award-winning multi-currency Mastercard© solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of the aviation industry.

Global Currency Freedom

Equip your crew with the ability to spend in up to 14 different currencies while traveling abroad. Our spend management solution ensures real-time management of expenses, making it easier to control budgets and track spending, all from the convenience our easy-to-use platform.


Swift International Payments

With Volopa, you can streamline your operations by making same-day FX international payments. Our platform allows you to send money to suppliers in over 180 countries in the currency of your choice, facilitating quicker delivery of supplies and smoother operations.

International business payments

Pay from the UK in 36 currencies.

International business payments

Pay from the EEA in 26 currencies.

Higher Spending Limits

We understand that aviation businesses require significant financial resources. That’s why we offer high spending limits to ensure your business can cover all necessary expenses without delay.

Cashless Convenience

Go completely cashless when abroad. Our cards are designed to handle multiple currencies and are accepted in over 180 countries, making them the perfect travel companion for your crew.

Real-Time Treasury Control

Maintain optimal control over your finances with real-time treasury management through our intuitive app and website. Monitor and manage your funds efficiently to maximise your financial operations.

Expense Management

How to control aircrew spend?

Aircrew teams benefit from a range of expense management features, including instant notifications, categorised business transactions, VAT calculations, and more.

How it works

Shape the future of Fintech Two Volopa animated characters seated by and on the Volopa business prepaid expense card Shape the future of Fintech

Smart employee cards

Allow aircrew to spend in multiple currencies locally and globally.

Receipt capture Employee overjoyed with Volopa's platform capturing a receipt

Receipt capture

Aircrew can capture receipts at the point of purchase, access wholesale foreign exchange rates, and much more.

Volopa spending limit for each employee bar

Transaction limits

Set daily transaction limits by card and track employee expenditure in real-time.


Categorise transactions

Categorise company transactions by type, add notes, calculate VAT and download statements and reports the easy way.

expense management Volopa Accounting integration with Xero and Quickbooks

Sync with accounting software

Keep track of your team's spending with Volopa’s Xero and QuickBooks integration.

expense management Company wallet: Volopa mobile and web platform for expense management.

Get real insights

See it all happen in real-time. Gain insights into employee spending decisions and get your cashflow under control.

Get instant access to Our Pricing Premium solutions expense management Business prepaid cards: Volopa international payments platform

Built for happy teams

We've got you covered

We go, wherever you go. The Volopa Business app is the quickest way to stay in the know. It’s available for download on Android and iOS.

Standard Business Account

£0 / month
  • No setup fees and no monthly or yearly card fees
  • Multicurrency Company Wallet – Hold up to 14 major currencies
  • Unlimited Volopa multicurrency business cards for your employees
  • Full visibility and control in real time over employee cards & spending
  • Mobile app for receipt capture
  • Fast & secure international payments in 38 currencies across 180 countries
  • Wholesale currency conversion rates
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Set maximum transaction values per card, enable or disable transaction types and automatically load individual cards from the Company Wallet.

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