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Popular tools For Business Travel Management

Business travel management software is transforming the way businesses of all sizes operate when they pack their bags and head out on a trip. New, innovative tools provide solutions that allow companies to streamline their processes, helping them to become more efficient and cost-effective when travelling.

What Is Travel & Expense Management Software?

Travel and expense management software is developed to help businesses improve the efficiency of their processes, including tools to assist with planning, organisation, time-management, payment solutions, invoicing, compliance, automation and general administration. There is a wide variety of software available to support businesses across the globe in managing their travelling employees.

This blog will cover some of the best tools on the market that you can use today, discuss their key features, and breakdown their pricing model to help you decide which software will be the most impactful for you!

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1. AirBnb for work

AirBnB for Work is a great online service that helps businesses to find and book accommodation, meeting spaces, and other activities for their employees whilst they are on the go!

Accommodation Services

AirBnB offers a fantastic selection of convenient and comfortable places for your employees to stay when travelling, at great prices. AirBnb takes traveller safety seriously, and makes it easy to vet accommodation based on reviews, contact with the host, and clear descriptions of what can be found in the building.

With a variety of AirBnB homes, flats, and hotels available in a wide range of countries, you can bring home comforts to your staff whilst they are travelling on behalf of the company. The cost of this service is very reasonable, charged per night, and is dependent on the type of accommodation as well as seasonality.

Collaborative Spaces and Meeting Rooms

As well as helping you find places to stay, AirBnB also lists a large number of WiFi-equipped collaborative workspaces available to be booked throughout these countries. These are perfect for helping your workforce to remain as productive as possible when away from home.

Free from distraction, these spaces provide an environment to inspire your team when working on an important project. Customers can approach hosts, discuss their needs and a price for the service can be negotiated.

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Team Building Experiences

AirBnB also lists a selection of team-building activities for your staff to enjoy whilst away from the office. These recreational activities include cooking lessons, cocktail-making classes, escape rooms, and more. This is a great way to find ideas for fun, downtime opportunities local to the area you are visiting! The rates for these activities are usually charged per person.

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2. Google Travel

Google Travel is an online, in-browser tool that integrates with your Google Account. Used for planning trips and itineraries before travelling, it can be a very useful tool for businesses and employees to organise future trips. The tool is underused when compared with other Google services such as Maps and Drive, however, we think it’s one to consider if you are looking to plan for a busy trip in the future. The best thing is that it’s completely free to use!

Book Flights & Accommodation With Ease

Using Google Travel you can browse flights and compare prices to find the best deal for you and your team. You can compare your ticket price with previous rates to evaluate how much value you are getting for your money.

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Volopa X Google

When browsing flights, Google’s travel management software will pull nearby hotels and other accommodation, helping you to find the most convenient places to stay. You can filter these spots based on the available amenities, such as free WiFi. It is also possible to  book rooms for you and your team directly from Google Travel – a very useful feature.

Google Travel also has an itinerary feature where you can learn more about your destination, find attractions, bars and restaurants and other entertainment that you could visit whilst away. This is such a game changer when it comes to making efficient travel plans. Keep track of what you want to do and when, and help your team get organised and prepared for the trip.

3. Flightfox

Flightfox is a complete solution for corporate travel management, allowing its users to search for and book flights, hotels, transport and much more all contained in one convenient platform. 

Run by true travel experts, Flightfox uses cutting-edge technology and the industry knowledge of their staff to find you the best deals available at all times, helping you to make important savings when budgeting for a trip. Not only do you save money – the software also optimises its search results in alignment with your preferences and any additional benefits you could receive by making a particular booking. It’s like having a digital travel agent.

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4. Airhelp

Airhelp offers a very useful service that will be a massive benefit to any company with employees that undertake regular global business travel, allowing them to manage the financial travel risk of expensive journeys.

Receive Compensation For Cancelled & Delayed Flights

Have you ever had a flight delayed or cancelled when away on business? Not only is this a massive inconvenience in terms of time wasted and the impact on your schedule, but it can also cost the company a lot of money.

Airhelp aims to protect air passenger rights and will help you claim compensation back for lost time and resources. They will manage your claim from start to finish, helping you to focus on your work and not unnecessary paperwork. Finance teams will appreciate it most of all, as it’s an easy spend management win for companies with frequent fliers.

5. TripIt

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TripIt is a handy travel management solution that helps business travellers to keep track of all their bookings, tickets, and itineraries in one useful app. 



The app comes with a bunch of great features that are perfect for managing all aspects of a business trip, even down to the small logistics. Collecting all your travel bookings and plans into one itinerary means that it is easier to stay organised and manage your time well. From your itinerary, the app will pull useful information regarding each item, such as transport times, seat availability, delays and changes to the journey, making your travel simpler than it has ever been. 

You are also able to sync the TripIt app to your calendar and emails, helping you to plan ahead as well as receive any important notifications about your trip.

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6. Volopa

Volopa is a leading expense management solution engineered for businesses, offering a simple and fast payment solution for employees who travel often as part of their role. From Prepaid Business Cards to easy International Payments and Accounting Integration, Volopa places you in complete control of your travel expenses. 

Prepaid Business Cards

Volopa offers business cards for all of your employees, which can be funded with GBP, EUR, or USD. From here, your balances can be converted to one of the other 13 supported currencies, allowing your staff to easily make payments across the globe.

Prepaid cards can be managed using the Volopa mobile and desktop apps, keeping you in control of travel spend in real-time whilst on the go with your team. Set limits, freeze cards, capture receipts instantly, and calculate VAT all in one place. This tool makes the risk management part of travel expenses a breeze.

International Payments

Our international payment tool offers an all-in-one platform to pay salaries, import and export, or move currencies from one account to another easily, at competitive rates.

Use the Volopa desktop or mobile app to monitor FX rates in real-time, any day of the week. Get a full breakdown of your international transaction before it goes through, allowing you to assess the conversion and processing fees before finalising the payment. 

With our payment tool, there is no need to open or switch to a new bank account. Simply fund your Volopa Company Wallet with your existing UK bank account, making the process as simple as possible for your business.

Accounting Integration

With our flexible accounting integration, you have the option to integrate your spending with Volopa directly to your Xero or Quickbooks accounts. Avoid errors and complex spreadsheets, let our software automatically send your transactions to your preferred accounting tool with this fantastic feature. Your expense reports will come together faster than ever.

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Business travel management

Travel management is the process of organising all the different aspects of corporate travel. From booking flights and transportation, accommodation, and activities to tracking expenses and other important financial details.

Investing in business travel and expense management software is a great way to make any corporate travel a much smoother, more streamlined experience. Tools that help you manage your flights, bookings, transportation, payments, and finances are great ways to improve the efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of your business operations.

All of the tools discussed in this blog would be of fantastic help to business owners, managers or team members who travel often as part of their role. If you are looking for expense management software and international payment solutions be sure to contact Volopa to discuss our services with a member of staff and to access a free demo of our app today!

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